4 Reasons Why Opera is Better than Stage Play

Ok, ok, I’m going for the click bait title. But let me explain, people don’t just interpret words, they interpret actions. Read on and you’ll see what I mean.   (1) Opera Allows for Multiple Voices to Communicate. Regular life is not a series of monologues. Yet an alien to planet earth who only knew

Music Does Not Belong in the Background

Music is a sacred ritual. I suspect the first nomadic hunters sang melodies to each other to communicate great truths that words couldn’t describe. They huddled together around great fires while staring in the milky way, singing to communicate the great vibrations of the universe they saw in front of themselves. Their songs were passed

Top 3 Reasons to Listen to Classical Music

“Music is such a subjective thing, what reasons could somebody possibly give?”   Yes, I’ve heard this before. Its hard to reach out of the comfort zone. But I think there are strong reasons to branch out with one’s musical palletet. (1) Classical Music is Aspirational I still get goose bumps thinking about it. The

What Makes Classical Music So Different?

Its such an odd question and one that’s hard to put a finger on. Music genre is generally defined by feel, so how does one define classical music?   So the better question to ask is why does classical music feel so different? Especially from pop music? First is the rhythm. The beat in classical